What is Facebook Impressum Feature

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular social networking site out there on the internet. The reach of facebook is increasing day by day and that’s why facebook is gaining a lot of popularity.


Recently facebook has intorduced a new feature in the Facebook page settings. It is called Facebook impressum feature. One of the most popular tech site, Gadfetsupersite has written a very detailed and research article on how you can enable the facebook impressum feature easily on your facebook page.

If you are interested, you can visit the article on the site in order to know more about it. By the way, because of the legal procedures some counties have already made it compulsory to keep the Facebook impressum feature on your Facebook fan page otherwise you will not be able to run your facebook fan page. So, it is very important now that you enable and learn to use this feature as soon as possible.

Check out Facebook impressum feature here on Gadgetsupersite website.


5 Awesome Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

In the android operating system, will chrome is one of the most useful browsers which you have. It is also installed by default and therefore this makes it much more easier to use as well.

Whenever you are surfing through your mobile phone, it is mostly during the commute and therefore, you need to look into the tips and tricks which would help you in saving time as well.


In Google Chrome and red browser, there are quite a few ways in which you can save time while normal browsing and we would be highlighting some of these.

1. There is a great search shortcut in google chrome android browser. You just need to select the text and after selecting the text, a Google logo would appear below the selection and you just need to click that over in order to start the search.

This would ensure that you are able to instantly search within a couple of seconds as well.

2. Not each and every website on the Google Chrome android browser allows you to zoom in. If you want to zoom in on a website which does not allow it the conventional way, you had to go to the settings of the Google Chrome browser and you have to select the option force enable zoom and you would be able to zoom in on each and every website irrespective of the earlier compatibility.


3. You can drag the Google tabs into positions which you want by selecting them with the help of a single touch and then dragging your finger to where you want to place them.

This would help you in arranging the sequence of the Google tabs as well.

When you are accessing multiple tabs and when you syndicate tabs one below the other according to the page which is opened in them, this trick can be pretty useful.

4. If you have multiple tabs open in Google Chrome, you need to just go to the menu option and you need to look into the close button and through it, you would be able to close all the types which you have opened before.

5. One of the lesser-known features of Google Chrome in android is that it can sync the tabs with the other devices on which you are using Google Chrome.

You need to just make use of the clock icon which is available at the bottom of the new tab screen and this would enable you to sync that apps and open the tabs which are available in another device.

This is useful when you surf through the different devices depending on your location.

So, if you’re looking for maximum efficiency with Google Chrome, you have to look into these 5 timesaving tips which we discussed about to ensure that the browsing history is intact and to ensure that whichever tabs you have opened the browser are intact as well.

These cool tips and tricks will help you increase the speed with which you use Google Chrome, however if you are facing issues such as the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b, you should get it resolved soon in order to get an even more efficient chrome.

Google Chrome issue and Fixes

Windows 10, the new and advanced operating system from Microsoft has a lot of potential. Users are loving it already. That’s why it has turned out to become such a huge success.


However, a lot of users are facing very strange kind of problems with Google Chrome, which is the favourite browser of many. There are many issues related to dns occuring in Google chrome after upgrading to Windows 10.

GadgetSuperSite has come up with a solution for dns_probe_finished_no_internet issue that a lot of users have been facing. Kudos to them for that.

If you are facing any other such issues do let us know. I will post in the best possible solution for it which will work for you like a charm.

I guess, that should be enough for this post. Thanks for reading this article. Keep visiting us.

My Favourite Music Download App For Android

WE all love music. It is one of the best gifts that nature has given us. I love to have free music downloads for Android so that I can enjoy listening to music anytime and at any place.

Having the songs downloaded on my Android allows me to listen to my favorite music even at places where there is no Internet connectivity. Internet connectivity is still an issue in the developing countries, so these kind of apps are a total boon for them.


So, I decided to write this post on my beloved blog so that my readers which is you can know about the best music app downloaded available for your Android. I promise this is going to be the best app you have used for this purpose in your whole life. It will change the way you listen to music and will make your life a lot simpler.

A few days ago, I was going through an article on Android Central where they discussed about the best music players for Android. After reading the article I thought what’s the point of having a good music player if you don’t have any music to listen? That’s why I thought of writing a great informative article on my website to show these big websites that if you don’t do your work properly the small ones will take your place in no time.

Ok, so sorry for being distracted from the topic. Let’s get back to the article.

4 Shared Music Free

This is the app that changed my life. By using this app my music lifestyle changed like hell. It has got so so so many features(I know used so multiple times but it is just my way to emphasis on the number of features it has) that you will have to continuously use it for 2-3 days to use even 50 percent of the features. Ok, that was a bit bragging. 😀

Here a few Important features of the app:

You don’t have to look for them each time you use the app, just create a playlist, add your favorite tracks and listen to them exactly from your 4shared Music anytime you want. Moreover, you can upload tracks from your Android device to your 4shared Music.

There are a lot of new and improved features in the app which you will get to know once you start using the app. I have embeded a Youtube video in the article so that you can have a look at it and then explore so many new features that it has.

Go ahead and use this app. If you love it, please share, like , tweet this post so that other users get to know about the article otherwise they will be left wandering for this. Thanks a lot for reading this article. It was such a pleasure for me to have you here at my blog. Thanking you again.

2 Best Apps to Transfer Large Files between Android and PC using Wi-Fi

Android is undoubtedly one of the most popular operating system and so is Windows. Both of them have been ruling the hearts of users since a very long time. One has been the king of PCs, laptops while other has transformed the way phones are used.

Since majority of the users these days use both the PC and smartphones, so sharing files among them is very common. Since the time smartphones came into existence, data cables and Bluetooth have been the most widely used way of transferring files between PC and smartphone.


However, transferring huge files have always remained a tough task to do. These days users prefer anything wireless over wires. So, sending files wirelessly is something users have always been looking for.

With the use of Wifi increasing many folds, developers found a new way to make the transfers faster as well as easier. So, today we are here with our list of the 3 best apps to send large files between your PC and Android that to wirelessly using Wifi.

1. AirDroid:

AirDroid is undoubtedly one of the best app for wireless transfer of files between Android and PC. It allows you to access and manages files between your droid and PC wirelessly. The app not only supports Windows but also supports Mac, thus it has a lot of potential.


The interface of the app is also very simple, intuitive and easy to use. If you are looking to send files between your phone and computer, this app is worth trying.

2. Portal:

Portal is an app that has changed the way sending files between computer and android works. With its really easy to use interface, it has given the users a whole new way to make the difficult task easy.  The best thing about this app is that it allows sending large and huge files especially files over 1 GB. The speed that it gives while file transfer is better than most of its other counterparts.

To use it you just need to open the app and go to portal.pushbullet.com on your PC and you will be able to transfer files. Easy? yes it is. In our testing we saw that files over 1 GB were also giving a very high speed.

So, these are the two best apps which allow you to send files between your PC and Android. With our guide we have made sure that you are prevented from the hassle of carrying data cable or using slow bluetooth for file transfer. Files are an integral part of our life now a days so having an easy way to transfer them is a must.

Did you like our list of 2 best apps to transfer huge files between PC and Android? DO let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.